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Thứ Tư, ngày 31/05/2023

The attraction of eco-tourist destination of Xuân Thủy National Park


    Xuân Thủy National Park is a coastal Wetland Reserve, located in Giao Thủy District, Nam Định Province. This is the place where the sea and the forest are in harmony with human beings, creating a vivid picture of typical countryside in the Northern coastal estuary, an eco-tourist attraction.

Xuân Thủy National Park

    Xuân Thủy National Park is the first Ramsar (international important wetland, water bird habitat) of Việt Nam and Southeast Asia. This is home to hundreds of precious plants and animals, of which there are nearly 220 species of birds. In particular, the number of waterbirds recorded during the migratory season reaches 30,000 - 40,000 individuals.

    To Xuân Thủy, visitors can live in the immense space of the sky and clouds, breathe the fresh air, watch the world of the flocks of heavenly birds: Cranes, storks, jiang, pelicans, geese and ducks... There is nothing more interesting when traveling in the middle of the Ramsar observing many rare and precious birds listed in the red book. The best time to see birds is from October to November to March 3 - 4 years later. In addition, tourists can see the immense mangrove forest, green casuarina forest and the ground cover with green sea lettuce blooming purple flowers.

    Visit Xuân Thủy National Park, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery on the Vọp River to Ba Lạt Door, to the caves observatory, visit the Green Cồn, walk along the casuarina strip on Cồn Lu. Visitors will discover nature, observe birds and admire the unique landscape of the wetland and coastal wetland ecosystem.

    Take a boat along the Vọp River to the end of Cồn Lu, visitors have the opportunity to explore the concentration of migratory birds, the habitat of rare waterbirds. Visitors can continue to walk along the sand dunes outside Cồn Lu to observe the casuarina forest and see the forest birds here. Continuing the journey is the exploration of mangrove forests, admiring the unique landscape of the coastal estuarine ecosystem.

    If you want to experience the indigenous life in the buffer zone of Xuân Thủy National Park, visitors can visit villages, houses, churches, Giao Hải fish wharf, rural market... and chat with people, see weaving net, making fish sauce, bee keeping...

    A trip to Xuân Thủy National Park is also an opportunity for tourists to enjoy famous Giao Thuy specialties such as:Nnem grilled Giao Thủy, fried spring rolls of Giao Xuân, Sa Châu fish sauce (Giao Châu), Hoành Nha fish sauce, jellyfish salad, mangrove honey... and fresh seafood in the estuarine areas such as shrimp, crab, clams, oysters...

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