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Thứ Bảy, ngày 21/05/2022

Ho Chi Minh City will build observation stations


     HCM City is among the top 10 cities worldwide worst affected by air pollution with dust, exhaust fumes and noise in HCM City reaching alarming levels, according to a recent survey on the city’s air quality. However, the city has not been able to estimate the air quality since 2010 because the automatic observation system was in disrepair.


Air pollution on Cong Hoa street, Tân Bình district, Ho Chi Minh city


     In the coming time, the City plans to build 27 automatic and 227 semiautomatic observation stations over the next 5 years to check on water surface, underground water and air pollution, with total funds needed about VNĐ 495 billion.

     According to Deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyễn Văn Phước, environmental quality control must ensure 14 norms, with the focus on 4 ones including water surface, underground water, exhaust emissions and environmental quality around waste treatment sites.

     This year the City plans to allocate VNĐ28 billion ($1.25 million) for these activities. Accordingly, the Environment Protection Division under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment will develop projects to build an observation system at export processing zones and high-tech parks in the city.


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