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Thứ Bảy, ngày 21/05/2022

Da Nang police go green, get friendly


  Police in 45 precincts in Da Nang City have used bicycles for their daily patrol        Police in 45 precincts in Da Nang city have used bicycles for their daily patrol following a programme that debuted in 2012, said senior lieutenant colonel Tran Phuoc Phuong, from the City's Public Security Department. Da Nang city is the first in Viet Nam to promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles by law enforcement officials. In the central region, Hoi An was the first city to promote the use of bicycles as part of a plan to create Viet Nam's first eco-city.      "We have provided 235 bicycles for local policemen working in 45 precincts since 2012 as a way to enhance the capabilities of policemen. Bikes are agile and easy to navigate and have create a more friendly dynamic between policemen and local residents," Mr. Tran Phuoc Phuong said. And he said that, bicycles made patrols easier in small areas with dense populations. "It helps us to move easily and promotes friendly manner among policemen and local people. The community will see us as friends and they provide me with more information. It also helps us carry out daily activities in order to keep the City clean and healthy," Phuong said.   Nguyễn Hằng
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