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The 12th Việt Nam - Korea Environment Ministers Meeting


   On October 22nd, 2015, in Jeju, Korea, the 12th Việt Nam - Korea Environment Ministers Meeting was taken place.
Overview of the 12th Việt Nam - Korea Environment Ministers Meeting in Jeju, Korea

   At the meeting, Ministers of the 2 countries assessed the achievements of the cooperation program exchanged at the 11th meeting on the implementation of the project “Establishment of the integrated hazardous waste electronic manifest system in Việt Nam” (E-manifest); support to enhance the monitoring capacity; cooperation between associations and private partner.  

   Korean Minister of Environment, Yoon Seong Kyu proposes to strengthen inter-governmental cooperation on sustainable use of biological resources; conservation, management of national parks, and protected areas; cooperation on environmental infrastructure and environmental industry and technology; concentration on joint international cooperation projects on supporting localities that are being implemented in Việt Nam (including: “Development of the water quality monitoring system in Việt Nam through TOC, TN/TP indicators”; “Development of technologies to manufacture biodegradable plastics and environmental friendly plastics”; “Development of wastewater treatment system using ozone in water factories”; “Development of cleaning absorption system for biogas system in Việt Nam”; “Development of professional equipment to supervise wastewater quality in Việt Nam”. In addition, Korea also hopes to cooperate with Việt Nam in development of models and projects for the Green Climate Fund (GCF); make use of experience, technologies of Korea for converting waste into energy, water management and hydrometeorology forecasting; capacity building for environmental experts …

   Việt Nam Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyễn Minh Quang highly appreciates the Korean efforts in training and capacity building for Việt Nam in the last few years, particularly through short-term and long-term training courses in the environment field. He also supports the proposal on Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on bilateral cooperation in information and biological resources between the Korea National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) and Việt Nam Environment Administration; the Minister hopes that the signing of the MoU will establish a bilateral cooperation framework on a win-win benefit sharing in biodiversity conservation and use between Việt Nam and Korea. Regarding the cooperation on conversation and management of national parks and protected areas, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) hopes Việt Nam representatives able to participate in training programs organized by Korean management agencies on national parks. Regarding the cooperation relating to environmental infrastructure and industry, MONRE totally supports as environmental technology has been effectively reflected through joint cooperation projects supporting provinces in Việt Nam. Regarding the project proposal seeking support of GCF, MONRE supports the development of projects using support sources from GCF and will collaborate with Korea to develop project proposals to combine the support of GCF and the support of the Korean Government.

 Director General Nguyễn Văn Tài and Representative of Korea National 
Institute of Biological Resources signed the MoU 

   Minister Nguyễn Minh Quang informed that the cooperation outcome of the implementation of the Project “Pilot of automatic water monitoring system in Thái Nguyên” is very effective, showing that this technology can be implemented well in Việt Nam; therefore, MONRE requests Korea to continue to collaborate and provide financial support to expand the project to the whole Cầu river basin area. In addition, he requests Korea to cooperate and support Việt Nam in following activities: Developing and implementing strategies, policies on environmental protection, climate change response and green growth, including studies on environmental classification; assessing standards and regulations on dioxin risk assessment method; developing electronic waste management framework; enhancing information sharing and experience sharing to develop green belts and green corridors in urban areas.

   In addition, MONRE asks Korea to finalize the signing of the equipment hand-over minutes and contents of the e-manifest system software to finalize the project closing procedures, at the same time to continue to support the maintenance and guarantee of the e-manifest software for 1 year. In the upcoming time, MONRE assigns VEA to collaborate with KEITI to promote the implementation of feasibility studies on environment; to support eco-labelling program in Việt Nam; to develop and implement the project “Development of Phú Quốc Island towards green growth, linked with environmental protection, climate change response and biodiversity conservation” (tentatively using ODA fund from Korea) …

   With the witness of the 2 Ministers, Director General of Việt Nam Environment Administration Nguyễn Văn Tài and Representative of the Korea National Institute of Biological Resources signed the MoU on cooperation in this field, in order to combine technology and technical strengths of Korea with potentials of diverse biological resources of Việt Nam, through which to find new growth incentives of the 2 countries■

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